Learning Through Play

Activity Dice

Lesson pix was such an asset in making this game. Each activity was specifically designed to address one of six skills (see flyer), which we all use in daily life- things like motor skills, locating objects in our environment, and staying regulated. Let us know if your family would enjoy any of these activities!

Jungle Cube

We had this cube in the clinic already and the kids loved the quiet space. We added a few more activities to engage all the senses. Many of these can be done out of paper or cardboard, without needing the wooden box. Feel free to reach out to brainstorm some more activity ideas!

Button up Pizza

Designed by Shaianne Pemberton, an OT Master’s student at the University of the Southern Caribbean, this home-made pizza may not help with feeding, but it definitely helps with another daily activity- dressing! There are so many other ways to use this too, to build communication and scanning, for example.

Feed me Monster

Using a baby wipes container, Kesha Mohammed, OT Master’s student from the University of the Southern Caribbean, came up with this innovative idea of how to work on fine motor skills, such as opening containers and placing items in a really fun way; get the food in before it bites you!

Sensory Path

Shakila John, OT Master’s student at the University of the Southern Caribbean designed this sensory path as a fun item to include in an obstacle course, or to help with transitions from one space to another. The path introduces kids to a variety of textures and can encourage them to slow their bodies to experience the sensations and control their movements to be able to jump form one to the other without touching the floor.

Sensory Blocks

These stacking blocks 2.0 were designed by Kristel Seemungal, OT student at the University of the Southern Caribbean. These blocks add sensory input that many kids enjoy. In addition to stacking, kids can locate the items on them, touch the various textures, and even enjoy the ruffling of the pipe cleaners or the tap of the blocks against each other.

Everything Fine motor

These handouts provide activities in different areas that support fine motor development, such as core stability, visual motor skills, scissors skills, and handwriting. We hope they’re loads of fun for you and the little ones!

Fun With Food

These handouts were created by OT student, Shaianne Pemberton, and provide a bunch of activities that help work on foundational skills, such as matching, visual scanning, sequencing and fine-motor coordination, all through exciting play with “foods”. We provide print outs here, but feel free to use real foods too!